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"We are YOUR business office."

ProCo - live receivable co-sourcing.

"Good afternoon, business office. This is Alex speaking, how may I help you?"

This welcome is repeated hundreds of times a day at ProCo, where we are YOUR business office. We act as an annex of your team, providing answers, finding solutions and driving up returns.

As a fully-integrated extension of your business office, ProCo's Live Receivable Co-Sourcing programs offers a highly-effective partnership. Working with your team, we can help you streamline information processing, reduce outstanding accounts receivable and increase cash flow.

ProCo offers technology-based services including billing and follow-up services, one-time accounts receivable clean-up programs and on-site accounts receivable experts. We also offer letter campaigns and proactive dialing campaigns that can maximize the return on your accounts receivable while preserving patient relationships.

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